07/11 Update Notice

Dear Master:

NU: Carnival will undergo an update starting 14:00 (UTC+8) on Jul 14 (Thu). The servers will stay live during the update. Once the update is complete, please restart the game to download the latest game data.

*Note: The browser version of the game will be down for maintenance from 12:00 (UTC+8).

❤ Update Details ❤

  1. [Idol Fest] Exclusive Event Stages and Storyline (Part 3)
  • The third Pioneer Zone territory will become available.
  • Event-exclusive story stages Midsummer-19 ~ Midsummer-26 will also become available.
  • Availability: Jul 14, 15:00 ~ Jul 28, 12:00 (UTC+8)
  1. New Limited-Time STEP Banners - [Ocean Breeze], [Radiant Admiral], [Idol Apprentice]
  • Availability: Jul 14, 12:00 ~ Aug 11, 12:00 (UTC+8)
  • Contract Odds:

Ocean Breeze Banner - ★SSR Ocean Breeze - Yakumo 1%
Radiant Admiral Banner - ★SSR Radiant Admiral - Olivine 1%
Idol Apprentice Banner - ★SSR Idol Apprentice - Blade 1%

*You’ll receive an item that will allow you to obtain the banner's corresponding SSR ally after entering into 120 contracts.

  • Details:

Each contract costs Sorcery Gems x2 and you'll receive STEP rewards for reaching certain contract milestones. Upon reaching the specified STEP tier, you’ll receive an item that will allow you to obtain the banner's corresponding SSR ally.

  • STEP Rewards

10th Contract: Memory Crystal x 200
30th Contract: Essence Contract x 10
50th Contract: You’ll receive an elemental key that corresponds to the STEP banner's ★SSR ally (Ocean Breeze Banner - Wood Key / Radiant Admiral Banner - Dark Key / Idol Apprentice Banner - Water Key)
80th Contract: Self Portrait x 20
120th Contract: An item that will allow you to obtain the banner's corresponding SSR ally

*Each STEP reward can be collected only once.

  1. New Notifications for [Electrifying Symphony] Limited-Time Pack
  • New notifications for players who can purchase the [Electrifying Symphony] limited-time pack will be sent out on Jul 14.
  • Contents: Sorcery Gems x60, Fancy Key Gift Box x1, Coins x600,000, Essence Vial (M) x30
  • Price: ECoins$ 6,000
  • Requirements: Reach player level 5 or above
  • Purchase limit: 1 time
  • Availability: Jul 14 (post-update) ~ Aug 4, 12:00 (UTC+8)

*Any players who were notified they could purchase the [Electrifying Symphony] pack before Jul 14 will not receive an extension to their time limit for purchasing the pack.

  • Example: If a player is notified they may purchase the pack on Jul 13, their time limit for buying the pack will still be Jul 20 after the Jul 14 update.

*Any players who have already purchased the [Electrifying Symphony] pack will not receive the new notification.

  • Example: A player who purchased the pack on Jul 1 will not receive a notification for purchasing the [Electrifying Symphony] pack after the update.

*Any players who have already selected "Don't show this again today" for in-game advertisements will see the notification on Jul 15, 05:00 (UTC+8).

*Once receiving the notification, players will have 14 days to purchase the pack.

❤ Optimizations and Fixes❤

  1. Typo fixes.
  2. Artwork fixes.
  3. Temporary removal of LV.XX Limited Time Celebration Packs for content adjustments
  • In response to upcoming update content, the following packs will be temporarily removed from the shop for content adjustments.
  • Affected packs: LV.15 Limited Time Celebration Pack, LV.30 Limited Time Celebration Pack, LV.35 Limited Time Celebration Pack, LV.40 Limited Time Celebration Pack, LV.45 Limited Time Celebration Pack, LV.50 Limited Time Celebration Pack, LV.55 Limited Time Celebration Pack, LV.60 Limited Time Celebration Pack
  • The above packs will become temporarily unavailable for purchase after the Jul 14 update.

*Players who meet the requirements to purchase any of the above packs before the Jul 14 update will not be affected.

  • Example: If a player meets the requirements on Jul 13, their time limit for purchasing the pack will still be Jul 20 after the Jul 14 update.

*We'll inform players about when the packs will become available again as well as details of the adjusted contents in a later announcement.

*Once the packs become available again, all players, regardless of whether they've purchased the packs before or not, will be able to purchase the packs a further time.

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